Conference Audio Available

Approximately 175 persons attended the first Calgary Reformed Conference and from all of the feedback received, the material presented by Dr. Beeke was deeply appreciated.   The three speeches delivered at the conference can be found on the Calgary Free Reformed link at

Speech #1 on Developing Prayerfulness –

Speech #2 on Pursuing Holiness –

Speech #3 on Responding to Affliction –

Dr. Beeke also preached on the Sunday following the Conference at the Calgary Free Reformed Church.   His morning sermon was on I Timothy 1:15-17 and was entitled “What is the Gospel?” –

His afternoon sermon was on Hebrews 12:1-2 and was entitled “Persevering in the Gospel.”  –

We hope to organize future conferences – check back to this site for more information or send an email to and we will let you know as soon as more details are available.

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